Hiking on Monhegan Island. Alone....


I spent the weekend up in Maine on beautiful Monhegan Island - doing a photo workshop.

On the last day, when everybody cleared out, I still had 3 hrs to wait for my boat to pick me up- so i decided to take a hike around the outside of the island.

And when you are hiking alone in the woods - theres only one thing to do while you're walking - do stupid stuff on camera. And so this video happened.

Oh, and as for the photo workshop? It was awesome. Here's a couple of images from it that I shot -

Main Street, Monhegan Island. Actually, I don't know if it's called that- but it IS the MAIN street, so......

At the top of the hill, sits Monhegan Light. It offers great views of the village from above...

And with the crazy storms that rolled through on Saturday night- this happened....

So, yeah - stupid video aside, it's a gorgeous and peaceful place that I would recommend to anyone that is looking to get away and unwind in one of the most beautiful spots in Maine..


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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