Simon Biles Uses Incredible New Dismount at Gymnastics Championships


Simone Biles is the most incredible gymnast in history. FACT. If you don't agree, you're high. Period.

There is NOTHING this young woman can not do. And in KC, during the National Gymnastics Championships, once again she did something nobody has ever done before. This time, she did a double-twisting, double somersault dismount from the balance beam in a match.

The routine, wasn't her best - BUT STILL - it was friggin mind boggling. How the hell can anyone on one foot - spin completely around FOUR TIMES on a balance beam - IN A CROUCHED POSITION, without falling off? It's INSANE!

And then to stick that landing? FUGETTABOUTIT!!!

I'm constantly amazed by her! Like, there is nothing this woman can not do!!!!

If I tried that shit on a balance beam, I'd be dead, or the balance beam would snap in half- and even still, I'd probably be dead. It's damn INHUMAN what she does.

Watch this video, because you're watching history in the making with this woman -


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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