Kid Caught Smoking on TV at Cancer Fundraiser- is Really an ADULT!

There was outrage (imagine that!) after a kid was shown on tv during a soccer match smoking a cigarette. The problem was 2 fold: 1. He was a kid. and 2. It was a soccer match that was arranged by two Turkish teams (Bursapor and Fenerbachce) - AS A CANCER BENEFIT.

But here's the kicker- the "kid" - is actually A 36 YEAR OLD MAN!

The smoke - who was quickli identified by the internet- as Cocuk - a 36 year old Bursapor fan!

THANK YOU, internet - for giving me one less thing to be outraged about from my cozy little home in New Hampshire....hahah...


ps. heres another shot of Cocuk....

Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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