The Weekend in 5 (or so..): Reunions, Sunrise, Tankers and a Burglar

Pretty damn good weekend for me!!!

Started Friday as I headed up to Cape Porpoise Maine with the camera to shoot the sunset there. Cape Porpoise is a really nice little fishing harbor just north of Kennebunkport. It's quiet, and beautiful. It WAS a bit colder than I was prepared for though. Don't want to say I froze nuts off -

But I froze my nuts off.

Lucky I always have extra warm clothes with me when I go out shooting.

The next morning- I was up early to shoot the sunrise. People are always like- "When do you sleep?" or "When are you ever home?". Well, I got about 6 hrs sleep Friday night, and when I shoot a rise, Im usually home by 9-10am - so I've got the rest of the day to do stuff with Valerie or the family- or whatever. But anyway - I was out along the coast waiting for the sun to come up. And just as it did - this happened-

F'in Exxon Valdez!!! hahah -

But rest assured- the morning wasn't a bust. I did get some stuff- like this one -

On Saturday night, our family got together with our friends Dave and Jolene and their kids- at our favorite restaurant - MC Perkins Cove in Ogunquit ME. As always- it was awesome. It was kind of like a family reunion for us since we hadn't been out together as families in over a year thanks to Covid. These kind of nights are very special to me-

And MC was very kind on our 30th Anniversary week - with a little blueberry tart to end the meal. They're the best!

Oh yeah - and Saturday was national pet day - and Molly had a VERY busy day -

That's how she spent it.

Sunday was Masters day - so - thats how I spent the afternoon, and I loved it.

And throughout the entire afternoon - I was dealing with a PROWLER! Check this little peckerhead out!


ALL DAY LONG! It was insane!

Hope you had a good weekend!