My Weekend in 5: Islands, Drinkin, Ghosts, Nachos, Thunderbirds & BagOBacon


It started Friday afternoon with a trip up to Portland to jump on the Casco Bay Ferry for a quick trip for an overnight on Great Diamond Island. Beautiful place and we had a great time visiting one of Valerie's long time friends. We got up early to catch the 5:15 Ferry which gave us a tour of the islands while we watched the sunrise-

We were the first, and only ones on the boat for a while - hahah - but it was cool.

Afterwards-- it was breakfast at the cottage. And the biggest question I got when I posted this pic to my Instagram story was -


Why, YES IT IS. Or, rather- WAS. Ha! Doesn't everybody have a bag of pre-cooked bacon at the ready?? If you don't, wake up and GET WITH THE PROGRAM!

At 11am - yes 11am - we were chilling at the cottage and one of our friends said - "want a beer?" - and not being one to want to be rude....I accepted!

We stayed the day, but made our way back to Portsmouth to see my favorite band- THE GHOST OF PAUL REVERE at Prescott Park that night -

They are such a great band, and are nice guys as well. If you get a chance to see them - do. They are a little bit bluegrass, rock, Americana, with a little bit of Black Sabbath "War Pigs" mixed in!

Next up- up early Sunday morning I was up to shoot the sunrise at Nubble Light- and it was BEAUTIFUL!

And at some point, while I was shooting- Lisa (llkoolkent on insta) got a shot of me talking with some folks while I shot - Thanks Lisa!

Later, I zipped over to Great Bay to see if i could grab some shots of the USAF Thunderbirds, who were performing at the air show at Pease Air Base. I shot from a rooftop and it was pretty cool to watch them fly!

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

And last but not least- Saturday night after I got back from the show - I thought I'd bust into some home made nachos! And knowing that Kayla has an assbackward way of making them, and totally freaks out that i put salsa ON the chip, and then cover it with cheese before I microwave it! So i sent her this-

I texted her the pic with the caption -



Hope y'all had a good weekend!

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