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My Weekend: Movies, a Home Situation, Night Out, and Bad/Good Weather

A pretty good weekend, considering the sh***y weather we had on Sunday!

Friday night I had the house to myself - and chose this movie -

Good movie! JK Simmon's is incredible no matter what he does- and this movie about a star quarterback who refuses to play in the National Championship game raises some really good questions about big time college sport!

Saturday- i had to deal with a serious issue at the house. It's almost too much to speak out loud- but the only way to deal with sh*t like this - is HEAD ON. So here goes-

One of my birdfeeders was wicked leaning....


I know - the horror, right? hahah - Well I can't have that - so it was pull the feeder poll out and re-set it straight. Now - you're saying - "Kretch-dog, how many feeders you got, Bro-hammed Ali?" Well- how's this for ya?

Yeah. I got a slight problem. Im like a friggin 90 year old shut in who has no one to talk to - but the birds.

But- WHATEVER.....

Had a great dinner Saturday night with our friends Chris "Doctor of Rock" Garrett and his lovely wife Ann! Went to this pretty new place in Concord- Alexandra's Bistro-

And it was PHENOMENAL! It's in a little plaza but don't let that fool you because the food is EXCELLENT!

Hello Short Ribs!!

Look- Im not getting anything for saying this stuff- but when I go to a place that's good- i want you to know about it. So - if you're looking for really good food, very good drinks and service- give Alexandra's a try. Kudos to Chef Danny and his staff!

Even though the weather sucked and every app and weather forecast said there was no chance for a sunrise on Sunday - i wasn't going to go the whole weekend without shooting- so Sunday morning I went out with the camera anyway. Here's the story

Here's a couple pics from the morning - minutes after it stopped raining-

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

I love how the lighthouse is silhouetted by the colors of the sunrise.

The color in the sky lasted only a matter of minutes, and then it was over. And it started to rain again...

Coincidence? I used to think that. I don't anymore.

Sunday afternoon? Well, after watching Brady hang on for the win in Germany, and the Pats on a bye week - we did the only thing you CAN do on a rainy Sunday!

We cleaned out the cellar! And that's when I decided- THESE THINGS GOTTA GO -

I can't even remember the last time I watched a dvd. So why am I keeping em? Know what I say? "BOOM! GET EM OUT! DON'T GIVE EM THEIR COATS! GET EM OUTTTTA HERE!"

And speaking of that -


Hope you had a good weekend!

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