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My Weekend:

Had a great weekend! Both days were great weather days, and stayed busy the entire time!

I don't know about you - but I needed those good weather days to happen on a weekend, right?

We started Friday with Valerie and I's "Brew Pub Tour 2023" and this time we hit Sawbelly Brewing Co in Exeter!

Valerie, and our friends Gary and Lorraine had a great time at Sawbelly! Both the beer and the food were really good!

And here's a classic photobomb by my wife- hahah -

Had a great time on Saturday at Seacoast Powersports in Hampton Falls for the BUZZ SIDE BY SIDE RIDE GIVEAWAY! Congrats to GRANT RICHARDS of Hubbardston MA! He oulasted all the other finalists in a game of Knockout to win the CF MOTO UFORCE 600!

And all the while- Kelly Brown kept guard over the cookies and chips -

After the giveaway - it was yard work, which included moving Valerie's "Covid Gardens" - (We're not actually growing Covid, mind you- haha- she started the gardens during the pandemic).

Man I LOVE yardwork!!!

(Sniff sniff.........that thing you smell? It's called sarcasm!)

We got done about 530p and so Valerie and I headed over to Roberts Maine Grille for some steamers and drinks!

I gotta say - man, I LOVE steamers- and that ain't sarcasm either! Im not an oyster guy or raw fish guy - but steamers?

Beep! Beep! Beep! BACK UP THE TRUCK!

Sunday morning had me and my buddies Scott and Doug heading down to Boston to scout locations for the Lend a Helping Can Photo walks coming up in a couple of weeks-

And.... then this happened:

Don't ask. I have no explanation for that.

Later is was over to visit Connie and wish her a Happy Mothers Day!

And then home to celebrate Valerie, watch the Celtics with the kids - and wind it up with a nice dinner!

And that was the weekend!

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