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My Weekend: Noah Kahan, Brew Tour Stop 26, Gambling, Yard Stuff & The Pats

In my mind, weekends start on Thursday. Some weeks- even Wednesday. Maybe it's because I'm older and I just say "F it" more - haha!

Last week, it started on Thursday night when I went to see Noah Kahan, an amazing folk/pop artist from Vermont, who did two SOLD OUT shows at Bank of NH Pavillion. I went with my daughter Cait and a bunch of her friends, and it was a blast!

We tailgated for a while, and one of Cait's friends- our resident Tailgating Champ - Jeremiah Loui - was making PIZZAS on the back of a truck! Friggin AWESOME pies, too! So good - he even won a tailgating award that night at the show! It was a fun, wild time with my daughter and her group of awesome friends! Oh yeah- Noah Kahan was incredible. The dude writes great songs that connect with a lot of people, and that connection was on full display at BONHP on Thursday night!

I got home late after the show and only got about 2 hours sleep before getting up and going to work. That didn't stop our "Brew Pub Tour 2023", though!

We hit our 26th local brew pub since we started it almost a year ago - and this time we landed in Acton ME at Willy's Ale House!

What a GREAT PLACE! The food was great, the service was great, and the beer was too!!! We even got a tour of the brewery by Joe, the Ops Manager and Assistant Brew Master!

Here's pic with our friends Gary and Lorraine, with Joe!

Oh, and P.S.....

The Wings Sampler was KILLER!!!!!

Saturday morning I was up at 430a and headed to Portland to shoot the sunrise over Portland Head Light at Fort Williams Park. Gorgeous place. If you've never been - you gotta go. It's free- and it's a gorgeous part set on some cliffs over the ocean.

Here's a couple shots from the morning -

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

Oh and theres this one.....

(I liked the light on that one..haha)

And no early morning shoot in Portland is complete without a stop at Becky's Diner -

Saturday night we (The Buzz) were at Filotimo Casino and Draftkings Sportsbook in Manchester!

I know this pic looks like KB is about to do a line of blow - but obviously its not - haha. He's actually doing a challenge to see how many Smarties he can lift and put in a cup in 30 seconds, only using a straw.

That was one of the things we messed around with to give away concert tickets that night!

Sunday morning, Valerie and I took my parents out for breakfast at their favorite spot, and then it was home to do yard stuff.

I love doing chores!

Especially when Valerie is the one doing them - and Im just watching!!! hahaha -

*and before you get up my grill- I had already done some power washing and had moved on to other stuff!

When the rain came on Sunday afternoon before the Pats game- I was going through and editing some of the pics I took on Saturday morning. I actually love doing that. Getting home and seeing the images I take on a larger computer screen really lets me see how each shot came out. Editing photos basically means correcting issues with the image (or in what you shot), and making small adjustments to bring the image to where you knew it could be when you shot it. When I photograph something, I try to get it as close as possible to what I see while Im shooting it. But some times I know Im going to have to lighten shadows, or maybe tone down the light of the sun or sky. That's what I do once I get home, or the day after a shoot.

To me, it's very relaxing to go through the images I shot in the morning because it brings me right back to the moment I took the photo.

Anyway - watching the final minutes of the Pats game as I type this, and all I'll say is- at least it got better than it was at the start. First game though. Hopefully they'll get better.

Hope you had a good weekend-


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