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Is The NFL RIGGED? Check out THIS Out!!

Did you see this?

A Canadian tv station posted this graphic- which launched conspiracy theorists around the world to claim it's evidence that the fix is in as to what teams will be in the Super Bowl!

This image appeared on the stations newscast on THURSDAY morning of last week!

Clearly- it predicts a Baltimore/San Fran Super Bowl!

Can it be?

They further pointed to the colors used in the Super Bowl logos for this year- RED- and PURPLE!! THAT, unfortunately for them - proved to be misleading because the NFL created logos for EACH of the possible match ups! So there goes that part of the theory!

I mean - don't' let a weird coincidence (like maybe the graphics person put two teams names in the graphic as "placeholders" and forgot about them?) get in the way of a good conspiracy theory!

Who's behind it? Is the NFL calling the shots and rigging the whole deal? Is it Biden? Trump? Or maybe the hideous DR EVIL!!!!


I will tell you this- IF the NFL was going to RIG the Super Bowl this year - they would WITHOUT A DOUBT - make sure Kansas City is in it so they can hype the ever living **** out of Taylor Swift being there!

Am I wrong?

Doubt it. But let me know if you think its rigged and why. And to my Dad - that doesn't include you. (Dad thinks the Goverment controls everything and sports are rigged to make more money...hahah)


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