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My Weekend: Fave Spots & People, I'M SUING, + Eagles, Seals & Deer OH MY!

Well since my weekends start on Friday- we started it off with Brandon Garod, the NH Consumer Protection Bureau Chief at the State Attorney General's Office on the show with us. Brandon was on to talk about scams!

If you missed it- make a point to listen to the podcast on the WHEB or WGIR-FM pages. It's important information on what signs to look for to identify if you're being scammed, also what to do if you DO get wrapped up in one. Last week, Kelly and Laura talked about how they got caught up in one- and it was terrifying to listen to! Check out the podcast, and be careful out there!

Also- since Im goin' all PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT on ya- here's another one!

Go to the dermatologist and have em give you the once over. The older you get- the more s*** starts showing up on your skin, and its good to have em give em a look about once a year. I had a couple of small mole like things on me that I wanted to have checked and removed. Turns out - they were pre-cancerous. Not a big deal because we got em early. Hence the word, PRE. That's when you want to get em, so if you over 40 and you're noticing stuff like that- get em checked out. ps. It doesnt hurt either. I didn't cry once. :)

Here endeth the sermon.

Next morning - I headed out to see if I could photography some wild animals!

I didn't expect them to be seals -

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

But that's what I saw at the Salisbury Reservation Park. Pretty cool to see em so close at low tide.

Loved this little dude....

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

How do you NOT love that little guy? Friggin all alone out there on a rock by himself.

I almost swam out there just to hang with em! Prolly' would've been attacked by all his seal buddies though, and that's an embarrassing way to go, right?

Stopped at one of my favorite coffee shops -

Olives Coffee Shop and Bakery is in Newburyport and it's a must stop when I'm town. Excellent coffee and baked stuff, and really friendly staff that just makes you feel welcome! Every town needs a place like this in it!

And did you hear the story last week about people filing suit against Reeses (the peanut butter cup people) because their Reeses Pumpkins didn't really look like pumpkins? And now their Reeses Hearts look more like a dudes balls if you turn em upside down?

Welcome to the dumbing down of the friggin planet!

How stupid a lawsuit is THAT? For the love of all things holy- how is that s*** allowed to even get into a courtroom!l

So when I was in the grocery store on Saturday - I saw these -

And when I saw em - I thought - "I'M SUIING SOMEONE!"

Are you seriously gonna tell me that this is some kind of horse?

What the **** IS THAT????

And what's with the bullet hole in the middle of it? Did they have to show us where they shot the damn animal? GROSS!


I calmed down later on Saturday night because we met our friends the Garrett's (Chris "The Doctor of Rock" Garrett and his wife Ann) at one of our favorite spots- NORTHWOODS BREWERY!

It's always fun when we get together - and you can't go wrong at Northwoods Brewing Co!

On Sunday we had a morning visitor in the yard -

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

We threw some fruit in the back yard since we've been having visitors lately. This one walked out in the middle of the afternoon and started to chow down on an apple (followed right after by her fawn).

Also go to watch and photograph a couple bald eagles and was lucky enough to get a cool shot or two...

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

Right place, right time kind of thing.

Sunday afternoon was football time. I've had enough of the Chiefs being so good (I feel about them the way most people felt about our Patriots, I guess)- but I am cheering for the Lions because Im always pulling for the team that's never won The Show! #GoLions

And that's all she wrote-

So I hope you had a good weekend!


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