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My Weekend: Boston, Sunrise, A Warning Vid & the Coffee Maker Question

Hey-oooooooo -

Well it's Sunday night. No football today, so we just finished dinner and Im doing some work before the Grammys.

I don't care who wins anything on the Grammy's because there's probably a bunch of folks on it that I don't even know. That's fine because pop music ain't my wheelhouse.

Still- they always have cool performances and they pair up unlikely artists (Thanks to Elton John who got that train rolling back when he joined Eminem on stage way back in 1918!), so I dig that.

Had a chill weekend. Spent some time down in Boston -

We've been down visiting a family member, and I'm always intrigued by the skyline. If I lived in the city, I'd constantly be out with the camera capturing the skyline in both daylight and night. Love shooting what is called "urban landscape photography". So much fun!

Went out on Saturday morning and what started out as a dud of a morning turned into something pretty nice! Had to stay kind of close to home, so I couldn't venture as far as I wanted to (the mountains have been calling me lately!),

so I stopped in New Castle.

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

New Castle might be one of the smallest towns in NH (it's actually an island), but it's of the most beautiful!

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

And on my way back to Portsmouth - I caught a classic shot from Portsmouth's South End (which I photograph almost any time I go by)

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

And earlier in the morning- while it was dark, I wanted to shoot the Locks of Love fence in Prescott Park...

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

I know this practice- of attaching a lock to a chain link fences in prominent places as a way of couples expressing their love for each other - irritates some, but I must say I don't agree.

I actually think it's beautiful. It's someting positive in a world that tends to focus on all that isn't. Now, do I want to see them everywhere? No. But in select places, I don't mind it at all.

And even though it was a nice weekend- I , for one- can tell you that Saturday morning's wind had a nasty friggin bite to it! That's why I felt the need to give a weather advisory - you know, as a public service!

Mother Nature don't keep Kretchy down, bruh!!!! haha -

Saturday night our brew crew hit one of my favorite restaurants - DIVERGE. in Dover NH!

It's not a Brew Pub - we went for dinner. And yes, the burger was phenomenal!

And I've been talking a lot about the new coffee maker we got. Raving about it, actually. Thats because after 20 years or using a Keurig K Cup machine - I got sick of the damn things being inconsistent when making a cup. I've replaced the damn things about 7 times (and each time they send a new one for free becuase they just want you to keep buying the k cups!). And although Im ashamed to admit it- I didn't know what I was missing. The k cup coffee- while convenient (maybe) - isn't GOOD. I KNOW that now, because Im actually drinking coffee that IS good. It's not expensive coffee- its just made well. So here's the machine we bought ourselves for xmas -

It's a Delonghi True Brew coffee maker. A friend had one and made us a cup and we were blown away.

NOTE - I'll say right up front - it ain't cheap, and no - I never thought I'd pay what I paid for it - but it was ABSOLUTELY worth it. It works with ground coffee, or it will grind the beans for you - in the same amount of time as a Keurig K Cup - and the difference in the flavor of the coffee is incredible. It makes 8 oz, 16oz, 24 oz and a 40 oz caraffe. We use coffee beans from Carrabassett Coffee, NH Coffee, and Dunks, and we love em.

I never knew what I was missing, but now I do. So - if you love coffee and you want a really good cup of fresh ground coffee every morning- this one gets my vote. And no - I didn't get anything to say this. Im just telling you because I've been asked many times, and I love it.

So there you go.

Not the most adventurous weekend, but two days off are two days off.

Ya feel me?

(I knew that you did....)

Hope you had a good one -


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