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I Did NOTHING This Weekend. Still, I'm Good with It! (copy)

The headline was a lie. Kind of. I mean, I didn't really go out and do anything cool. That doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it though!

The storm threw a wrench into Saturday. I was happy for the skiers though, at least they got the season extended a little bit more with the 12+ inches the mountains got.

I think I'm heading up that way on Monday after the show to have a look around and see what I can see with the camera!

My weekend started on Thursday night - when I joined my brother David for a belated birthday brew-

The guy is retired and loving every f****** minute of it! Good for him - he deserves it!

Saturday, with the storm- i just stayed in the house and chilled. Matter of fact- I did something I had been putting off since covid! I took a bunch of old pics from old fashioned photo albums and digitized them into jpegs which can be used/viewed on a computer or on your phone!

Here's one I digitized and repaired. Its a pic of me and my Grandfather, Romeo. The dude was my hero. And here I was 3 yrs old - sitting under a tree with him watching a ballgame-

The pic was all grayed out and cracked and beat up- but i used a cool photo scanner to do it - and it was not only lightning quick- but it was wicked easy too.

I talked about it on the air a few weeks back and got a ton of questions- so I thought I"d make a video of it to show you how easy it is to take your old pics, and not just make them more useable- but also repair some of them too! Check it -

Pretty cool, huh? Get a load of these-

What the hell? Hey Camrade! What's with the Russian hat, bruh?!!! Where the hell did i get that rig? Was I crew member on K-19, the Russian sub Harrison Ford was on???? Crazy!


What's with THAT face!!!?

"WHAT did you just say to me, Jackass!!!? I may be 7, but I WILL CUT YOU, BROCHACHO!!!"

Kinda like that I'm reeking of attitude in this pic. And believe that's kinda a turtle t! Kelly would be proud!

And last but not least-

This is the face when you blow up your Grandma's crapper and then have to check that nobodys waiting to go in before you leave the bathroom!!!

19-sixty freaking eight!!!!! Woah- that's crazy!

Saturday night we hung in, watched some mens and womens college basketball, some celtics and THIS movie-

Photo: BMI

Yeah, Im behind- but it LIVED UP TO THE HYPE.

Excellent movie that has just about every star you can ask for in it - but Cillian Murphy just crushes is, and Robert Downey Jr was a beast as well.

A taut thriller that once again shows some of the people in our government were complete assholes.

Sunday, I went out to shoot the sunrise, but got skunked. Complete waste of time. So did some grocery shopping and chilled at the house-

So it was a slow, uneventful weekend. But I won't let you down- here are three things I WISH I was did this past weekend:

  1. Some kind of orgy.
Various 23bbbfbbaa

Photo: Shutterstock

Ok so I wouldnt have participated, but it would have been cool just to be invited!!!!

Number 2 would be witnessing a WARM sunrise from someplace cool. Like maybe the top of the Kancamagus Highway- like this one I shot 3 years ago.

That wouldn't suck....

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

And last but not least- I wish I could have won MEGA MILLIONS this weekend-

If I did - the show would start at 8am, effective TODAY- MONDAY! hahah - just kidding!

So that's it for me. Sorry it wasn't a thrill a minute!!! But I hope yours was!!


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