VIDEO: Brewing the Buzz Beer at Northwoods Brewing Company!!

We were approached by our friends at NORTHWOODS BREWING COMPANY in Northwood NH, to brew our own beer, which would help to raise money for our LEND A HELPING CAN program!

It took one nano-second to say "YES"!! Then, our friends at WIN Waste Innovations (who turn waste into sustainable power!) jumped on board to be our sponsor! How cool is that???
So - we all went down to Northwoods Brewing Co, on Rt 4 in Northwood- and learned about brewing beer!

This video contains some of the first few steps in the process! The finished product should be out in min-October- and we'll have some special things planned with is, so stay tuned! In addition -you can help us NAME THE BEER!

We've gotten tons of great suggestions from you all, and beginning Monday 9/26 - we'll take 5 of them and post them on the website and you can help vote for your favorite!!

But for now - check out the fun we had at the brewery! Thanks so much for the incredibly nice folks at Northwoods Brewing Company and WIN Waste Innovations for a great day!

(Oh, and pay close attention to the video, you never know what you'll see!)

Stay tuned for details on an EXCLUSIVE Buzz Beer Release Tasting Party and more!


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