Weekend in pictures

Friday, I was so exhausted from seeing Trey Anastasio from Phish at the Casino Ballroom Thursday night. I was running on no sleep, but made it to Glendi after work and then a nap before heading to Angel City Music Hall for Drowing Pool and Saliva. What a great venue and a great show!

Saturday, was a relaxing morning and then Dylan had a football game at Timberlane High School. They played great but lost 16-6. Go Manchester Bears! Week 3 we will take on Portsmouth.

Sunday, was catch up day! Mowed the lawn, cooked some food, watched football with friends and family. Only bad thing about Sunday was I was taking out the trash and didn't know there was broken glass in the bad and sliced my leg bad picking up the bag - ouch!

Otis Update: He seems to be loving life with us. He is such a wonderful pup who is getting better at potty training and crate training. He loves to snuggle, he plays and then sleeps and sleeps a lot. He makes us laugh a lot and loves to wedge himself into cozy spots to sleep. And good news is Reba is starting to warm up to him a little bit.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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