1. Resident Center | iOS & Android

Resident Center is an app built by Buildium. You can make payments, submit maintenance requests, contact your property manager, learn about your community, and more––with just a few taps. Features may vary depending on your property management company. Never miss payment deadline again! With autopay you can set up recurring payments through your bank account or credit card.

2.                The Wonder Weeks | iOS & Android

Understand why & when your baby suddenly cries more than usual, is not themselves and what you can do to help. The good news is that this fussy crying phase is a sign of progress in the brain. TRACK YOUR BABY’S MENTAL DEVELOPMENT (0-20 MONTHS) - Learn all about the 10 mental leaps with tips, tricks & mind-blowing insights. Discover how you can give your baby the help they need during the various stages of a leap. - Know when you can expect new skills.

3.                Goblin Tools | iOS & Android

This is an app version of the free website goblin.tools, a collection of small, simple, single-task tools, mostly designed to help neurodivergent people with tasks they find overwhelming or difficult. Tools include - A Magic Todo list that automatically breaks down tasks into steps - The Formalizer that transforms your language to be more formal, sociable, concise, or many other options - The Judge that helps with interpreting tone - The Estimator that can guess at a timeframe for an activity

4.                75 Hard | iOS & Android

75 HARD is how you win the war with yourself. 75 Hard app, you can: - Track your daily progress - Set custom reminders for your daily tasks - Take and review your daily progress pics - Share your progress to your Instagram Story - Save journal notes on every day


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