Lend A Helping Can

Lend A Helping Can

Lend a Helping Can raises money for 12 New England charitable agencies to feed the Needy and Homeless.


Ep. 44 - October 29, 2022

Your money, your estate plan, your retirement. Securing Arizona’s future one family at a time. This is The Word on Wealth financial network. For intelligent financial talk you can have faith in. With your host, president and co-founder of Grand Canyon Planning Associates, John Dombroski. Send in your questions at dearjohn@thewordonwealth.com. 

Listen to the show every Saturday morning at 7:00 am on 960AM The Patriot, and again at 9:00 am on 550AM KFYI.

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Call the DFRichard.com Phone Bank 603-668-7625

Or, Dial #250 and Say the Keyword
"Lend a Helping Can."

Presenting Partner

Manchester–Boston Regional Airport

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