Lend A Helping Can

Lend A Helping Can

Lend a Helping Can raises money for 12 New England charitable agencies to feed the Needy and Homeless.


How to Donate Online Using PayPal

These instructions are crucial if you are donating in the hopes of winning a yearly incentive item as well as if you wish to receive a tax receipt from Lend a Helping Can at the end of the year. We will need your billing address and contact information to get this information to you at the conclusion of the auction every year. If you do not correctly follow these few steps, we will not be able to contact you with your receipt AND/OR be able to notify you that you've won an incentive item.

Please follow these instructions to ensure you've correctly filled out the PayPal form and a visual example is below.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Select the red "DONATE HERE" button below to open the Lend a Helping Can PayPal donation terminal (please read additional instructions below)

  1. At the top of the donate window, enter an amount you wish to donate (you will not be able to begin payment until you assign an amount)
  2. You have the option to donate with PayPal or with a debit or credit card - choose which method you prefer
  3. Enter your phone number at the top of the page just below your donation amount so we can give you a call if you are an incentive winner (example above)
  4. Enter your card/payment info in the first of three sections (Payment, Billing address, and Contact Information)
  5. Then enter your full address in the second section (VERY important for tax receipts)
  7. Fill out contact information
  8. Click "Donate Now" and you're finished!

Amazon Smile Setup

Link Lend a Helping Can to your Amazon account using the Amazon Smile Foundation where 0.5% of every purchase you make goes to LHC AND YOU DON'T PAY A DIME OF IT! Big thanks to Amazon Smile for offering this opportunity, every bit helps! Click HERE for a how-to guide to get it set up!

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Call the Dunkin' LHC Phone Bank 603-668-7625

Or, Dial #250 and Say the Keyword
"Lend a Helping Can."

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Manchester–Boston Regional Airport

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