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DDG: Bulldog Bros Safely Back At Home After Being Stolen At Gunpoint

A pair of two-year-old English Bulldog brothers have been safely returned to their owners after being stolen at gunpoint in Atlanta. Scotch and Stogie were being walked by their dog sitter, Joshua Cavanaugh, when the incident occurred. The dogs were later returned separately, one dropped off in a neighborhood a few miles from where they were stolen, and the other at a West Atlanta Police station.

The theft happened when Cavanaugh was walking the dogs in a neighborhood near Downtown Atlanta. He was approached by three young men who asked about the breed of the dogs. Moments later, all three pulled guns, one fired a shot close to Cavanaugh's leg, and then the thieves took the dogs and walked away.

Cavanaugh recounted the harrowing experience, describing how the sudden gunfire made him jump back, allowing the thieves to snatch the leashes and flee with the dogs. Fortunately, Cavanaugh was unharmed, and the story ends on a positive note with the Bulldogs' safe return to their owners, who cut short their vacation in London after receiving the news about the dognapping.

Source: 11 ALIVE

Two English Bulldog puppies

Photo: Cadalpe / Image Source / Getty Images

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