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Lend A Helping Can

Lend a Helping Can raises money for 12 New England charitable agencies to feed the Needy and Homeless.


Dr. Ed Young of Houston’s Second Baptist Church Announces Retirement

Photo: Click2Houston

Dr. Ed Young, the senior pastor of Houston’s Second Baptist Church, has announced his retirement.

Dr. Young gave his last sermon as senior pastor of the church Sunday.

He started his last sermon as Sr. Pastor, leading the Second Baptist Church congregation with a classic children’s song.

“If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands,” Young sang in the sermon.

Dr. Young says he will turn 88 this year. While he is stepping out of his role, he says he is not leaving the church.

“Not stepping down, stepping up to use our special gifts,” he said in the sermon.

Young’s son, Ben Young, will take over as senior pastor.

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