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IT'S A NERD-ADO!!!  Time to buckle in and get ready to bring yourself up to speed for what's going on in nerd news! 

The Last Shark Attack Is Here.  

All good things must come to an end (sadly) and this Sunday it's time for the FINAL Sharknado.  

Or is it?  

This will probably be a soft reboot.  It’s SYFY’s most watched event and they are going to end it? I am betting on two things. One: they will do a reunion next year and call it SHARKNADO: AGAIN! or two: start another franchise that takes place within this shark infested world and have some characters continue the fight. It's so bad it has to be watched and SYFY/NBC Universal knows that.  But to keep us entertained this weekend there is a marathon on Sunday morning starting at 10 leading up to the finale at 8pm.  Grab the popcorn and chomp away! 


Go Go Power Rangers Sequel?

Maaaayyybbeee not.  


It was announced last week that a sequel to the 2017 film was in the works, but was it?  Some articles have since changed their headlines from “POWER RANGERS SEQUEL IS HAPPENING” to “Early developments are in place for a Power Rangers sequel/movie”.  Even Hasbro broke their silence about it and gave a very vague statement:

“We see tremendous potential for the Power Rangers franchise around our entire brand blueprint, including feature films. We have nothing specific to announce at this time, but please stay tuned for future news and updates around the Power Rangers brand.”

I’m going to take that as “we keep getting asked so we said this to shut everyone up”.  They need to get a sequel out soon because if too much time passes then a reboot is the only way to save the movie franchise.  Plus, as stated in last weeks Geek Freak, the actors are getting busier and they were already in the 20’s so if Hasbro doesn’t act fast, these kids well, won’t be kids anymore!  

Rest assure though that even with this depressing news Hasbro has given us something to be excited about.  August 28th has been been named "Power Rangers Day"!  Why Aug 28th?  That's the day the show first premiered on Fox Kids back in 1993.  Read it all here!   And yes, I will be wearing my old Blue Ranger shirt...I hope it still fits me.  

Side note.  This weekend is Power Morphicon.  Maybe we will get more info on the sequel from there.  

Bond….James Bond

Were you excited to hear rumors that Idris Elba was in the running for James Bond?  Well, don’t be because he has shot those rumors down. Hard.  Just look at his tweet.


Personally, I’ve never liked Daniel Craig as James Bond, he always looked like he would be the villain more than the secret agent anti-hero.  I would welcome a new face to the character. 


In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night, Cast Tom Cruise for Explosions That Fill the Screen with Light!

So yah.  Tom Cruise as Green Lantern.  Or one of them.   Maybe. It’s still early talks but he’s one of the front runners for the reboot.  Think of it like this: (clears throat)

When you watch a Mark Wahlberg film, you aren’t watching him play a character.  You are watching another movie with Mark Wahlberg in it.  Doesn’t matter if his name is changed, or has a new wife or kid on screen.  It’s sold as a Mark Walberg film.  That’s how I feel about Tom Cruise.   Maybe that's the plan because they need something to draw in a crowd.  It's still in early development and the DCEU, uhm, Worlds of DC, is trying to figure itself out so until this is set in stone, let's focus on the DCUniverse streaming service that is about to drop.  

Oh, and I mentioned Mark Wahlberg because 1) Ted was on last night and 2) Rumor has it Mark Walberg was approached by Warner Brothers to play Green Lantern back in 2011.  Read that story here

Can someone please get Nathan Fillion for this role?  I know he does the voice in the animated movies, but COME ON LET HIM PUT ON THE SUIT IN REAL LIFE! (fan made trailer is below)


First Look Star Wars: Resistance

As promised, Disney concluded Star Wars Rebels to make way for this new series, Star Wars Resistance. This animation style is....interesting.  I believe Big Hero 6 the series also has a similar style.  This new series flies into our galaxy in October.  


Who else is excited that BB-8 is in it!

Arrow Fist? 

The trailer for season 2 of Iron Fist is here.  Did he happen to go shopping in Star City and find one of Oliver's hoodies?  



Grab your gear cadets and activate your titan powers! Season 3 of Attack on Titan comes back this Saturday night at 11pm on Toonami (Cartoon Network).  Trust me, watch the recap.  


Need more reasons to geek out?  It's Power Morphicon all weekend so when they release stuff, I'll have it here.  For now....I'm Maz and that's your Geek Freak of the Week! 



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