Just Buffed and Primed! It's A Geek Freak of the Week!

The signal is lit.  Time to suit up and dive into all things geek! 



After two seasons and a lot of "Danny's" being yelled, Netflix has canceled Marvel's Iron Fist.  Is this the end? Lets consider this. The show can be revived on Disney Play that is due out next year OR we can see characters appear in upcoming episodes of Luke Cage, DareDevil, and Jessica Jones.  



Did they get it right or what?! Here is the first look at Ruby Rose as the iconic Batwoman that we will see along side Green Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl this December during the Elseworld crossover event.  The reason why the photo was released?  Production for those episodes have begun in Vancouver so CW wanted this out before those damn ARGUS spies could leak footage.  Looking at the suit, who else wants to go watch Batman Beyond?  


The Ratings Are In! 

Did you catch the world simulcast of the Doctor Who premier last week?  Fellow Whovians really stepped up and gave the new Doctor a lot of love!  This episode tied with some of David Tennent's premier back in the day.  So far...off to a fantastic start! 


Switching Sides 

DC is really taking advantage of the James Gunn firing hype and decided to have him write and maybe direct the next Suicide Squad film.  Of course, with this appointment comes a fan favorite actor and character that is willing to make the jump to DC.  


Who Would He Play? 

Would Dave Bautista jump ship to DC? Guardians 3 is in question and no word yet on more Avenger films past the May 2019 film. Given how he stood up for James Gunn after his termination from Marvel this would be the next move given the circumstances mentioned. 

As far as which mantel to take up, obvious character for Bautista to portray is Bane. But come on DC....cast him as someone different. Maybe Clayface? Hugo Strange? Or hell...Solomon Grundy! 


Open Up Your Wallets 

It's getting to the point where we can all say SCREW CABLE! WarnerMedia (I guess the new name for Warner Brothers) is taking a jump into the streaming service like Netflix, HULU, and the upcoming Disney Play by introducing it's own streaming site that will include properties like Harry Potter and it's spin offs, Looney Tunes, and of course, all the Hanna-Barbera properties like Flintstones, Jetsons, Scooby-Doo, and Yogi Bear.  Oh...and WarnerMedia owns HBO.  Does this mean they will have access to those shows as well?  


All Hail The King! 

Why break up a winning team?  This confirms now that our favorite ruler is going to survive Thanos' fate in the untitled Avengers film coming out May 2019.   Whose ready to go back to Wakanda?! 


One Ticket To Agrabah, Please! 

Did you catch the teaser trailer for the live action Aladdin?  It was short and to the point as any teaser would be.  No sighting of Jasmine, Genie, or even the Carpet.  The movie comes out in May 2019 so we have time and I'm sure we'll get a better trailer by New Years.  Oh...and before I was worried there would be no Abu or Iago, but clearly we saw a Iago flying around.  THERE IS HOPE YET! 


Super Spidey Suit Activate! 

Looks like Spider-Man traded in his shiny Iron Spider suit that Tony gave him for 'back-to-basics' one. Although, that could just be a spare while Tony fixes it.  Anyways...this is a shot from the new Spider-Man Far From Home set.  


That's another geektastic geek freak of the week! Who knows where to get this Lego TARDIS? I want it!  Email Maz@Rock101fm.com. 



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