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Another week has passed and you made it. I think a tall drink is in order. As you prepare yourself for a weekend outside, sitting on your couch doing absolutely nothing, or preparing for a trip to Queens, New York to look for an Iron Throne, here are some of the top stories you'll need to chat about for the week ahead. So sit back, relax, open that cold one, enjoy and say the magic word!


SHAZAM! Was....

Sha-mazing! Ok so, I said the magic word...but instead of superpowers and a red suit, I received early passes to see Shazam! In fact, I saw it last weekend thanks to Fandango. Normally when they have preview weekends or any kind of early showings for movies it's always in the big cities, so naturally, Boston would be the place. NOT THIS TIME! For one day only, the movie was released around the country in many local theaters. So, of course I jumped on that opportunity to see it because one was playing five minutes away from my Batcave.

What did I think? did good! In fact, it was really funny. It's more making fun of the superheroes genre than BEING a superhero movie. Say what you want about the DCEU movies, there are problems (duh) but DC knows its characters and really pays tribute to their histories. With this movie, they nailed that. Since Shazam is new to the movie world, no one really knows the characters complicated history so they focused on story of family and subtly drop in the comic book references for the fans. As you can tell, I really REALLY want to talk about this...but since it's not out yet I won't do that. I give it a solid B plus. Shazam! comes out next week. Get ready!

Please see it so I can talk about a REALLY cool moment that happens towards the end...holy moly I cheered in the theater.


The Legends Return!

This Monday it's back! And on April Fools Day no less. Our band of time traveling misfits return to...uhm, fix the timeline? Geez, CW really likes to screw with time. No wonder there are so many parallel earths and they need a crossover to fix it. Also, why hasn't Team Legends dropped by to stop anyone in Barry Allen's family? This current season would be a perfect situation for the Legends to show up. I'm confused now...

Alright, watch the new trailer for the Legends and get ready for their return in a few days.


Less Than A Month

As Doctor Strange said before being snapped away: "We're in the endgame now". Right now, we are officially less than a month out until Avengers: Endgame. Use this time to train your bladder. Why? Well, run time for this movie is three hours and two mins! Oh...and that's NOT including previews. So really, plan an extra 30 mins to the original run time.

So in the last month we have received a new trailer, some TV commercials, and fan theories running everywhere. What's left? Oh...this tweet below.


if you scroll through the pictures of "the fallen"...someone is there that shouldn't? Okay, it's Loki. He didn't die by the snap but by the hands of Thanos himself at the beginning of Infinity War. Or, did he? Unless this is Marvel playing with our heads (and let's face it, they would) it seems that the God of Mischief might make a comeback. Some possible theories are: it was all an illusion and Loki really didn't die! Or...Loki IS Thanos! Crazy, right? We've heard stranger.

Looks like the Avenges have a full fight ahead. April 26th. Less than a month. I'm ready.....I'm ready!

Shhhh....Hush Is Here!

Set in the DC Animated Movie Universe, the next adaptation is one of the more recent Batman stories that has fans cheering! Batman: Hush will be coming to DVD/Blu Ray and available on the DCUniverse stream. So, what is the story? Who is Hush? Why is this story important that it needs to be made into a film? Good thing I have a PhD in all things Batman.

Hush is a more recent villain that has appeared in the Batman mythology that debuted back in December 2002. What makes this villain so unique is that he is a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne. Hush's real name is Tommy Elliot and when they were kids he taught Bruce some tricks into how to think like his opponent which helped when they would play games together with the other rich kids. Unlike Bruce's parents, Tommy's father was...not so nice. Tommy hated his father so much he broke the brake lines in the car. His father died in a crash, but the mother was Bruce Wayne's father. Naturally, Tommy hated him because with the mother alive she was still in charge of the families wealth, leaving Tommy to just wait it out. He then began to resent Bruce once he inherited the Wayne Fortune after his parents murder. Tommy is filled with jealousy towards Bruce because he wanted what he always had, control and wealth at a young age. To add to the plot, he eventually learns that Batman and Bruce Wayne are the same person. So naturally things REALLY don't go well for them and it goes beyond having a beer to solve their issues.

In this new film we will see some familiar faces (and masks) like Jim Gordon, Alfred, Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin, and Catwoman. Since the feline of crime will be around, in the Hush story arc, the subplot explored the romance between Batman and Catwoman.. Hmm...could this be a way to set up the Batman:Wedding story line for an animated movie someday?

As far as release date goes all that has been revealed is Summer 2019. I know, generic, thanks DC. In the mean time, there are still more Batman films coming out! Justice League vs the Fatal Five AND the much anticipated Batman VS Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!


Changes At Hasbro

This one makes my brain go into a few directions. I never met this guy, but if I did, I feel we would hit off. Jason Bischoff, he worked for Hasbro as the Global Franchise Creative Director for the Power Rangers brand. Before that, he worked at Saban (the previous owners or Power Rangers) and after the franchise was purchased he went over to Hasbro to continue the work. Now, he's out. They are calling it a restructuring, but if one of the guys who knew the brand the best is out, what does Hasbro plan to do? As Alpha would say...Ayi-yi-yi!

Jason, thank you for all the work you have done for Power Rangers. Once a Ranger...Always a Ranger.



Ever want to sit on the Iron Throne? Before Game of Thrones ends there's a decent shot! On Monday, March 18th, HBO did something interesting. No one knew what it was at first but there was a countdown and an Iron Throne in a forest. After much detective work from twitter and fans of the show, it was revealed that they were placing Iron Thrones in random spots around the world and people could go looking for them! On Thursday, March 28th the final throne was placed and discovered an hour later (It was in Queens so pretty easy with all the people).

I think this scavenger hunt was suppose to last longer than expected because even though they have all been located, the countdown is still ticking! What happens at the end?! Maybe a new trailer? Maybe a link to a sneak peak of the first episode? Or maybe it's an invite to sit down with Tyrion for a drink? So many theories. All locations were streamed from dawn to dusk and are 360 degree views! If you have time this weekend...head down to Queens and take a look!

  1. Throne of the Forest.....Puzzlewood, England
  2. Throne of the North......Bjorkliden, Sweden
  3. Throne of Valyaria........Beberibe Ceara, Brazil
  4. Throne of Joy...............Castillo De Atienza, Spain
  5. Throne of Ice................Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia
  6. Throne of the Crypt......Queens, New York


Depending on where you a trip to Queens this weekend in order? It doesn't look like they remove the thrones after it's found. If you're in the neighborhood, say hi to Spider-Man for me! We go way back. Alright, that does it for this week.

I'm Maz...and that's your Geek Freak of the Week! And coming REAL soon: The Geek Freak of the Week: Podcast



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