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Before we begin....the NEW Terminator: Dark Fate trailer is fresh off the internet.


So when does this movie take place in the ever so confusing Terminator timeline? It's said to be a follow up from Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Looks like Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Terminator Salvation, and Terminator: Genesis never happened. Anyone object to that? No? Motion passes. Let's begin so when you are at the many bbq's this weekend you'll know exactly what to say! Let's geek out.....

So Much Red

OK, so there are some more trailers out (a lot, actually). The one every nerd and non-nerd is talking about is from a galaxy far far away. The new Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker sneak peak from D23 is out. Have you seen it yet? NO?! Take a look.....


Alright...we have a lot to discuss. First, Rey's double bladed light saber. I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN! Back in The Force Awakens we met Rey and she had a staff. I knew once she began her force journey she would eventually take on a double bladed lightsaber. But this one FOLDS! So cool and probably easier to carry. Now time to address the elephant in the room. It's red and she's wearing a cloak. She's been dubbed "Dark Rey". Here are the theories

  1. It's a clone of Rey
  2. She has turned to the dark side
  3. It's a dark side vision/dream
  4. Rey's undercover
  5. Rey is in her "goth" stage

I'm going with option 3. Although, 5 is awesome as well. Rey looks good like that...I mean, let's talk about the theory. This is Star Wars and they won't give away the plot in a trailer (Disney knows better than that) and now that the Avengers hype is dying off it's time for fans to focus on this and go crazy with ideas to what it could mean. I would dive into this more, but the movie is four months away and we will be getting at least one more full trailer.

The next thing is C3PO. His eyes....WHAT IS HAPPENING?! Is he hooked up to a computer and that's why he's seeing red? Has he also turned to the dark side? I didn't know droids could do that. Maybe he will finally picked up a thing or two that R2-D2 use to do. Maybe it was needed when R2 went off line before Force Awakens. Maybe HE is the bad guy after all!'s not in his programming. This is probably one of the scenes right before his demise...after reading another article from Anthony Daniels (actors who has played C3PO) it's a good chance we won't be seeing anymore of him after this movie. Read that here.

This is a very good trailer and I can't wait to see how they (finally) wrap up this Skywalker saga. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker arrives in theaters this December.

Nathan Fillion Joins The Squad

He's just all over the place. Before you freak out over Captain Malcolm Reynolds joining this movie remember that James Gunn and Nathan Fillion have a long history together. Gunn cast him in Super and even had a role in mind for him for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 but it was taken out on the cutting room floor. After learning the new class of characters for The Suicide Squad it seems Fillion could be up for any of them but for now it's said he is in an "undisclosed role". Are fans finally going to see him as Green Lantern?

The Suicide Squad arrives in theaters August 6, 2021


Titans...SUIT UP!

It's all about trailers this week. Another look at season 2 of Dc-universe's Titans arrived this week. The first thing that comes to mind, they aren't sidekicks anymore, they are their owns heroes. I will say I am happy to see a few characters. I love the idea of two Robins. Seeing Dick and Jason interact is always fun to watch, plus they could set up the 1988 "Death in the Family" story line with him later. Another great thing to see is a live action Wonder Girl. We see an animated version of her from time to time but never anything in depth like we see in this show. Maybe season two will get more into the hero side of things rather than one long origin story. Speaking of origins...Dick would you just put on the Nightwing suit already?!


Send In The Clowns

What is it with clowns this year? The final trailer for the new Joker film is out. It looks dark and scary. I think we are going to get a pretty decent origin story!

At first I was very weary of a Joker origin film. Part of me was happy because a joker film means we can finally get some perspective on the Clown Prince of Crime. Another part of me wanted that preserved and left to the imagination. The whole point of the Joker is that he makes up his backstory on a case-by-case basis because he is, after all, insane. The again, and part of the main reason why I am okay with this being made, is that this movie is not part of the DCEU or any other DC movie (at least not yet) so it can be a story that stands on it's own. I can sleep well knowing that.

We can all laugh (and go insane) together October 4th.


Something Strange Is Coming To Your Neighborhood

We're all excited for the Ghostbusters 2020 next year but treat your self to a little nostalgia this October for the return of the original Ghost Busters movie in theaters for it's 35th anniversary. In about 600 theaters across the country on October 6th and 10th fans can run to the movies and see the original movie BUT there's a twist. This version has some alternate takes on some iconic scenes and introduces characters differently from the original movie. So, in a way, it's like a whole new movie again! Grab your proton packs and get your tickets click here!


One Last Thing...

Before I forget, now streaming on Netflix is The Dark Crystal: The Age of Resistance. After seeing all the Fizzgigs on Instagram, who doesn't want one to take home?


I laugh every time I watch one of those things. Put them all together? Fantastic!

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I'm Maz and that's the Geek Freak of the Week!



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