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The picture for this week is terrifying but it gives you a jump start on the scariest time of the year next month...IT: Chapter 2 is now in theaters. This must be the year of clowns. Tons of Joker buzz is already circulating that I swear we will see a parody of Pennywise vs The Clown Prince of Crime somewhere on YouTube in the near future. Also going into another week of never ending drama, more on the divorce between Sony and Disney over Spider-Man's future. Rest assure, not all the stories in this weeks issue is negative. In fact, you should also get your wallets ready! What am I talking about? Let's dive right into the latest Geek Freak of the Week to find out!

Getting A Great Laugh

The reviews for the Joaquin Phoenix portrayal are starting to come in.


After seeing that tweet will this movie be on your "to see" list? The buzz about this movie is all over the place. Now, the movie doesn't come out for about a month so how did it get all this attention so soon? It premiered at this years Venice Film Festival in Italy. Many critics, fans, and other media outlets got a first look at the film that gives us an origin of the Clown Prince of Crime and most are concluding that this one is Oscar-worthy. This wouldn't be the first time the Joker has generated Oscar attention. Heath Ledger received the Best Supporting Actor Award posthumous at the 2009 Academy Awards for the role in The Dark Knight. Like I said earlier, this is the year of the clowns. Joker comes out October 4th.

The Squad Needs a Doctor

I'll say this...British actors know how to play great villains. At least, that's the role I think the former doctor is going for in the next Suicide Squad movie. No word on what part he is in talks for right now, but a while back it was revealed a whole new class of characters from DC's roster will be making their debut in this rebooted sequel. The thing most don't know about Peter Capaldi, he is a huge fan boy of old comics and TV shows, so he will act the crap out of whatever crazy character James Gunn decides to cast him in.


Safe With Sony

That's what Tom Holland has said! It's clear the actor wants to be part of the MCU, however, his contract is with Sony and not Marvel Studios. Either Sony sat him down and told him they have custody of him in this divorce and that's why he is saying all these nice things or he realized if he drops out now he's just going to keep getting asked about "when will you return to the MCU". Better to take the first option.

As much as this is an unpopular thing to say Sony does know what it's doing with the Spider-Man rights. Look at Venom and Into the Spider-verse. Have some faith that Sony know's how to make a great solo Spider-Man film. Plus, we might get a redemption of Spider-Man 3 with a crossover with Venom. Tom Holland and Tom Hardy would be great together! Think about it....


That's No Regular Ship...

They say the upcoming winter in New England will be pretty bad...not unless you get this Lego Star Destroyer! It'll pass the time while you wait for the snow to stop. If you're thinking "I already have one of these in my collection". The answer I will give you is this.... don't!

It's not just ANY Imperial Star Destroyer that Lego is releasing. This is modeled after the one that is chasing Princess Leia's ship Tantive IV in A New Hope. The 4,784 piece will be available this October but if you are part of the Lego VIP club (or know a guy) then you get to grab this on September 18th. The price for this awesome piece to join your Lego Star Wars collection...a whopping $699.99. Yes expensive, but worth it! Start making space.


A lite week for geek gossip and nerd news this week, but never the less, there's always more with the Geek Freak of the Week Podcast. If you're even wondering how Sony\ got their hands on the Spider-Man film rights, I got you covered. That's all in this weeks new episode. Listen on the iHeartradio app or anywhere else you get your podcasts from!

Until next week...I'm Maz and that's the Geek Freak of the Week! (Still brought to you by no one)



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