Add This Rule To Surviving Zombieland. Read The Geek Freak of the Week!

The weekend is here! Ready to take on some zombies? After ten long years the sequel to the 2009 sleep hit Zombieland is now in theaters. Follow the rules and you'll survive. Got that? Okay, we have a lot of stuff to cover, from Batman to Deadpool and even a little positive Spider-Man news. What can that be like? Let's geek out....

The Bat and the Cat Reunite

Zoe Kravitz has been picked to portray Selena Kyle in The Batman. Looks like she traded in her wand for a whip....wait, what?! Remember?She was in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald as Leta Lestrange. Zoe Kravitz also joins the exclusive club of being in both a DC and Marvel film. She played Angel in X-Men:First Class.

But wait, there's more! She's been the feline fiend of crime already. She was the voice of Catwoman in The Lego Batman Movie.

Zoe Kravitz is the seventh person to portray the cat burglar for the screen. She joins the list along with Julie Newmar, Lee Meriweather, and Eatha Kitt. They all portrayed Catwoman in the 1960's Batman series. In 1992, Michelle Pfeiffer took over the screen to portray her in Batman Returns. A few years later, a solo Catwoman film with Halle Berry came out (sadly) but then in 2012, Anne Hathaway portrayed the character in The Dark Knight Rises. Each actress took their spin on the character from thief to con-artist to Batman's lover. What version will Zoe play? We'll find out in 2021 when The Batman is in theaters.


speaking of Batman news. Here's a riddle....Since Jonah Hill dropped out, who is next to play the Riddler?

Answer: Paul Dano!

Yes, The Riddler is a c-lister when it comes to Batman's rogues. Not very menacing outside of stealing a truck of cash or robbing an art gallery. If you watched Gotham you know how phycotic the character can really be. We learned the character can go to dark places in the DCAMU movie Batman: Hush. It's 2019, time for a reboot of the Riddler like Bane and Scarecrow received in the Dark Knight Trilogy. This Batman fan is for it!


The Ultimate Dual Is Coming

It's the announcement we nerds, geeks, and dorks have been waiting for! Spider-Man Vs Venom. In the comics it was epic. In the Spider-Man Animated Series it was epic. It was not so epic in Spider-Man 3.

Movie wise, this will be the second attempt to make good on one of the best clashes in comic book history. Sony is going to take another stab at the Spider-Man and Venom story in the future with Tom Holland and Tom Hardy. So far no date has been announced or even if this will be in a solo Spider-Man or Venom film. My guess is Sony will treat this like Batman V Superman. Not a sequel but a continuation of the stories that we have with the two characters. Since Sony and Disney have decided to play nice again, let's see if this will be set up in the MCU or not.


Deadpool Stays R!

What the F*%k! Whoa...Disney is letting this happen?! Seems that Disney is keeping Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool after all! It could also be that he just showed up to marvel Studios and took this picture and we are all falling for a big ruse. Let's hope not. This seems legit. Yeah...their rumors, but still, don't mess with perfection Disney. The mouse and the suits he has working for him are listening to the fans.


Here Comes The Crisis

The end of the Arrowverse is coming. You thought Thanos' "Snap" was bad? Wait until you see what this guy can do. Watch what happened in the season premier of Arrow


So yeah, Earth-2 is gone. Our heroes on Earth-1, Earth-38, and The Legends traveling in time are okay...for now. So what happened? Earth-2 was destroyed by anti-matter. Who did this? The Anti-Monitor himself! We knew he was coming. The Monitor kept teasing his arrival and the eventual "crisis". Well, this is it! After the second episode of The Flash and the premier of Arrow this past week, we saw the devastation of what can happen if the heroes of the Arrowverse don't stop him. On Wednesday, Entertainment weekly gave a look of what the Anti-Monitor looks like. He's the evil guy on the left.


This whole story line for the first part of the Arrowverse shows is based off the 1985 comic series Crisis on Infinite Earths. When that hit the shelves, stuff was bad for all of our DC heroes. Multiple characters died and vanished from existence. Will the same happen in the live-action crossover? They are teasing that and right now it seems Oliver is on a quest throughout the multi-verse to prevent it from happening.

The big Arrowverse crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths is this December.

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Until next week. Stay Geeky night nerds! I'm Maz, and that's the Geek Freak of the Week Podcast!



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