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Blah blah, made it through the week...that's great. The final trailer for The Rise of Skywalker is here! WATCH!


OK, first off the music. EPIC! I love that version. You get the feeling of hope, loss, and urgency all at the same time. It feels like the end. On top of that....LOTS of theories.

The one I am going to indulge on is Palpatine. HOW IS HE ALIVE?! He is a Dark Lord of the Sith, the biggest of the bads. I'm thinking he is more of a force-ghost like Yoda and Obi-Wan. That's really the only way he can still be around. Why does the light side get it but not the dark side? In every trailer for this movie, we just see and hear to know he is present. Could everything with him just be a dream, similar to what most think about Rey and her folding-double-bladed light saber? I'm sure this theory is on reddit or somewhere else on the internet but it seems the most plausible right now. As we heard in Revenge of the Sith he learned from his master, Darth Plagueis, how to cheat death. OH! Maybe he uploaded his dark-side powers to the Death Star! Sneaky evil Sith Lord!

We're less than two months out from the final chapter. Tickets are available now! See you at the theater.

The Spectre Is Coming

This character gives new meaning to the phrase "Ghost of Christmas Past". The Spectre first showed up in More Fun Comics, DC Comics original name, back in February 1940. His superpower? He's dead. Now you see why he is called "The Spectre". The character has had his own run in the comics a few times but he is mainly used as a guide. He was also a big part of Crisis on Infinite Earths back in 1985 and with all the teasing and the internet chatter (plus my most recent podcast) about this epic TV crossover, we almost forgot about this guy. Steven Lobo (who was also played Randall Brady in Smallville back in the day) has been cast to portray The Spectre/Jim Corigann.

tin foil hat time: The Spectre is a key part for another big DC story line named Kingdom Come. Sound familiar? Brandon Routh will be portraying that version of Superman in the next few weeks. Is Kingdom Come next years crossover or setting up for a future one? Kind of makes sense!


No Joke With This One

You might have read/heard this story already but this might be the bad day that is awaiting Jared Leto to become a real life Joker. Rumor has it that the Oscar winning actor was more than upset that Warner Brothers was going forward with a solo Joker film that was without him and the version he portrayed in 2016's Suicide Squad. He tried everything he could to get them to stop and go with the already announced solo-Joker film that he was promised when he signed up to play the Clown Prince of Crime.

The rumor also says that Warner Brothers tried to give Todd Phillips version a smaller budget so he would walk away. That didn't happen. Then the studio tried to make it so it wasn't rated R so he would walk away. That also didn't happen. Jared Leto also threatened to drop out of future DC movies, looks like that DID happen. Is he really done with the Joker? Harley Quinn says they are so maybe this was all set up because of more behind the scene stuff. Typical Warner Brothers.


Going Back To 1984

First rumored, now confirmed! We will be getting a first teaser trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 on Sunday, December 8 from the CCXP Convention in Brazil. This is Warner Brothers and DC's attempt to get people talking about them since that month will be all about The Rise of Skywalker.

Originally, our Amazon princess's sequel was suppose to be released next week, Friday November 1. It was then pushed to June 5, 2020. The reason? Unlike last year when Disney, along with their other properties, Marvel, or Star Wars, had no movies out so Aquaman was able to dominate at the box office. Warner Brothers hoped for a return of that success but this year, Disney has two big films coming out in the next few weeks: Frozen II and the final Star Wars. Both will dominate at the box office so pushing the Wonder Woman sequel to next summer was a smart business move. No big Marvel film will be out to challenge a DC film and Star Wars will be taking a hiatus.

Set the timers...t-minus 44 days until the trailer.


Nothing Strange About This

Straight from the Upside-Down World, the episode count for season 4 of Stranger Things has been revealed. No surprise here, 8 episodes, just like the last few seasons. Season 4 will start shooting in January and set to wrap in August. We can ditch the idea of another summer release but maybe we will have it for Halloween 2020? Seems more fitting for this show.


That does it for this weeks nerd news and geek gossip! Don't forget to listen to the Geek Freak of the Week Podcast. You can listen free from the iHeart Radio app on your smartphone and smart speakers. Until next week...I'm Maz, and that's the Geek Freak of the Week!



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