Hello all My name is Roadkill and I 've been doing radio since 1994, and part of The Morning show"Greg and The Morning Buzz since 1998 (thats when all the fun started). I am a metal/rock drummer and I have two daughters, Nora and Sadie. Life has changed for me in recent years as I juggle being a drummer, father and a on-air smart ass. When I do get a few minutues to crash in front of the t.v, I enjoy watching movies!

I have played in Three very well known local (Metal) bands Recognizer, D.C.M and my lastest Flood This Earth. My drum influnces are Johnny Tempesta , Jason Bittner, Shannon Larkin, Lars Ulrich, Derek Roddy, Kevin Talley, Chris Adler, Dave Lombardo, Tim Yeung, Gene Hoglan, Flo Mounier, Buddy Rich, and Animal from the Muppets really anybody who plays the instrument I can watch and steal some drum licks from.

People ask me all the time what was my career hi-lites, and I have to really think about it for awhile, interviewing Rob Zombie, Bruce Campbell, to flying in a WW-2 bomber with Greg, Laura and my dad (world famous Pat McMullen), to opening for Motorhead, Slipknot, BLS,Megadeth,As I Lay Dying and Mudvayne. And of course announcing the names of my daughters when they where born. It's been a great ride and I'm pretty sure I have forgotten most of it.