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I Know What You Are Going To Ask

Has ANYONE heard if Henry Cavil is still Superman?  The fraking idea.  Let's geek out now....

Music...Comic Books...and TV...UNITE

It's my two favorite things.  Comic books and music working together.  Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross from Nine Inch Nails have a new gig.  They will be composing the score for the new Watchman series that is coming to HBO sometime in 2019.  



SHAZAM! Oh wait....wrong hero.  After the long wait we FINALLY got a glimpse into the world of Captain Marvel.  As far as plot goes, still vague but we get see her with her alien friends the Kree and Nick Fury with full 20-20 vision. Also, a nice look at a YOUNGER Agent Phil Coulson.  Our new favorite heroine will premier in theaters this March.  But for now, ENJOY


Changing of the Guard

The comic book movie godfather himself, Kevin Feige is going to be directly overseeing the next X-Men mutation on the big screen. Kevin..I mean Mr. Feige was a part of the first film back in 2000. He had a cameo as a tech for weapon X but the scenes were cut. He is going to get the last laugh now! 

Will this move put X-Men: Dark Phoenix and the New Mutants films into more jeopardy? Sounds like they have plans to rearrange a few things but for now, these movies are still scheduled to be released for 2019.  



Speaking of the X-Men; Professor X goes from mentoring mutants to angels!  Patrick Stewart will take on the role of Bosley in the Charlies Angels reboot that is directed by Elizabeth Banks.  In the last film franchise the part of Bosley was portrayed by Bill Murray.  


They Grow Up So Fast...and Getting Their Own Series! 

The players are being moved into their proper places.  Disney Play (the rumored name for their new streaming service) will be a stepping stone for some Marvel characters.  Scarlet Witch and Loki are said to be getting their own separate series! Although, I can see them together in one show, that be a good comedy. He's a God of mischief and she can move things with her thoughts! I don't see why Disney doesn't pair them together.  Right now, this is one of those "confirmed rumors" so be on the look out for something official soon.   



Game of Thrones has kept their seat on the Emmy Throne as the winner of Best Drama Series at this years Prime Time Emmy Awards yet again! Even though the godfather of fantasy has yet to finish the books the show is about to wrap up (sometime) in 2019.  According to him, they could of gone longer.  I mean, we ARE getting a spin off series.  I guess Mr. Martin might be feeling like the gravy train is about to leave the station.  



Meet the new cast! But these aren't the new rangers.  This looks like a ranger team right?  NOPE! A few weeks ago during Power Morphicon the new set of rangers were announced. That story is here  

These five have been cast as supporting characters (and some could end up as rangers in the show, it's Power Ranger tradition to add more rangers later in the show) 

The current season Power Rangers: SUPER Ninja Steel is currently in it's final stretch of episodes.  The next season Power Rangers: Beast Morphers will premier in 2019.  


Hello Doctor! 

Get ready for the next season of Doctor Who.  This one gives us more then what we saw back in July from the Comic-Con trailer.  It seems the TARDIS is missing and a new ship is what she is using. it?  The TARDIS isn't a police box ship, it's disguised as one.  Perhaps what we see in the trailer is what the famous time traveling ship really looks like.  Or maybe they are tricking us...


The Devil Has A Date 

He's back from the dead and ready for...killing? WHAT?! DAREDEVIL CAN'T KILL.  See his struggles in the new trailer and get ready to binge on October 19th


That's it for this week.  Jam packed right?  Until next time...I'm Maz and that's your Geek Freak of the Week! (brought to you by no one) 



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